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Solved: How to Fix Camera Not Working on Windows 10

How to Fix Camera Not Working on Windows 10

Many users reported that their laptop’s integrated camera or an external webcam, such as Logitech or Alienware, stopped working after the Windows 10 update. This article will show you how Windows 10 camera doesn’t work in different situations. We hope you find the right solution for your camera, whether external or built-in.

If your camera doesn’t work in Windows, it could be because you haven’t updated the drivers. Your antivirus program might be blocking the camera, privacy settings may not allow access to certain apps, or the app you’re trying to use isn’t working.

These steps will help determine if the Get Help app cannot resolve your camera problem.

How to Fix Camera Not Working on Windows 10-

1. Download and Install Windows 10 Updates:

Make sure you are up-to-date. Click Start, then select Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Check For Updates. You will see the View optional upgrades option to see if updates are available for your camera. After allowing available updates to be installed, restart your device once it is ready.


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2. Restart Your Windows 10 Laptop:

Restart your Laptop, You should restart your computer if the camera has stopped working. Select Start and then select Restart. It’s not the same as a restart when you wake up from sleep.

How to allows to Access your Camera in Windows 10:

Windows 10 can limit the access of certain apps (such as Microsoft Teams and, Skype, Zoom) to the microphone or camera. This method helps you to protect your privacy and improve security. You can modify the privacy settings if the camera is not working but cannot be accessed from an application.

These steps will allow apps to access Windows 10’s camera-

  1. 1).Open Settings.
  2. 2). Click on Privacy.
  3. 3). Click on Camera.
  4. 4). Click the Switch button under the section “Allow access to your camera on this device.”
  5. 5). Turn on the Camera Access for this device toggle switch.
  6. 6). Turn on the Allow Apps to Access Your Camera toggle switch.

How to allows to Access your Camera in Windows 10:

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7). Turn on the toggle switch in the section “Choose which Microsoft Store Apps can access youcamera” to enable camera access for any program, such as Camera, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Choose which Microsoft Store Apps can access your camera

Once you have completed the steps, you should be able to access the camera from the apps that you’ve selected.

These instructions will allow Microsoft Store apps to access your camera. If you are having problems with a desktop application that is not a Microsoft Store app, enable the Allow desktop applications to access your camera toggle switch at the bottom.

Open Your Laptop Camera

These are some alternatives to consider if your camera is still not working. To get the best results, follow the instructions in this order-

Camera not working in Windows 10

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You should check for a camera button or switch on your Laptop

Some laptops and other portable devices find a physical button or switch on or off the camera. Your Device will not recognize that there is a camera in it if it’s turned off. It could cause your camera’s image to display a picture of a camera with a slash through the lens. Before you use your camera, ensure your computer’s switch or button is in the ON position.

It is possible that switches and buttons are not easy to locate, so check all places. It could be:

A sliding switch at the side of a laptop.

Sliding Camera Switch on Laptop

A button on a keyboard that has a camera icon.


A slider that you can use to open the shutter is built into the camera.

shutter on Laptop Camera

Make sure you have Antivirus Software:

Check your antivirus software settings for any settings that restrict access to your camera or allow you to use it. Visit the website of your antivirus software company for assistance.

Remove Recently update of Windows 10

You can remove the system update if the problem persists after you have installed it to get the camera working again quickly.

These steps will allow you to remove Windows 10’s system updates:

1). Open Settings.

Open Setting in Windows 10

2). Click on Update & Security.

Click update and Security in Windows 10

3). Click on Windows update.

4). Click on it to view the update history.

View Update History in Windows 10

5). Click on the Uninstall Updates option.

Uninstall updates in Windows 10


6). To view the chronological order of the updates, click the column header in the Installed On column.

7). Click the Uninstall link to select the most recent version.

Installed updates history list in windows 10

8). Click on the Yes link.

Uninstall Recenlty installed updates in Windows 10

Once you have completed the steps, the update that caused it will remove the problem from your computer. This method will resolve the webcam issue.

How to Reset the Camera Driver in Windows 10:

you can use these steps if your camera stops working after an update:

In Device Manager, right-click or press and hold on to your camera and then select Property.

Select the Driver tab. Next, choose Rollback Driver. Finally, select Yes. This option is not available for all drivers. You can proceed to the next fix if your driver does not have Roll Back Driver.

Once the rollback is completed, restart your device and then open the Camera app again.

 If rolling back fails or isn’t possible, continue to the next step-

How to Reset the Camera Driver in Windows 10


How To Uninstall the Camera Driver in Windows 10:

In Device Manager, Right-click or press and hold on your camera and then select Property.

 Select the Driver tab and then choose Uninstall device. Select the checkbox for Remove driver software for this device. Then, select OK.

In Device Manager, select Scan to detect hardware changes. And wait for the scanner to complete, then Restart your laptop and try again opening the Camera app.

Still, If your laptop camera is not working, continue to the next step-

How to Revert previous version of Windows 10

If your laptop camera has stopped responding after you installed the most recent version of Windows 10, you could take out the feature update to correct the issue, and once you are certain that the issue has been fixed permanently, it is possible to upgrade. To Uninstall a particular Version that is Windows 10 to fix the camera issue, follow these steps:

1). Open Settings.

2). Click on “Update & Security”.

3). Click on Recovery.

4). In the “Go back to a previous version of Windows 10” section, click the Get Started option. 

Quick Note: If the option you want to use is not present, you are unable to go back to the prior version.

5). Choose one of the causes in the table.

6). Select Next. Click the Next button.

7). Click the “No, thanks” button.

8). Select Next. Click the Next button.

9). Hit on the Next button once more.

10). Click the Return to an earlier version button.

When you’ve completed these steps, Windows 10 will roll back to the previous version, assuming that the webcam functioned correctly.


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