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If you have an Asus laptop, you may have been wondering where you can find a reliable repair center in Mumbai. Sadly, it’s not easy to find an authorized service center. Most Asus Authorized Service Centers charge at least double the market price for parts, which will eat into your budget. Unfortunately, many authorized service centers in Mumbai don’t prioritize customer service, so you might be stuck calling them for hours on end without ever receiving a response. Here is a list of some of the best Asus Authorized Service Centers in Mumbai.

When visiting an Asus Authorized Service Center in Mumbai, the most important thing to remember is that you must bring your device to the repair center for warranty verification. You might have opened your device in the past, which could void the warranty. In this case, you’ll need to provide your warranty document and any bills or invoices for past repairs. Unfortunately, a warranty usually does not cover problems arising from physical damages.

Fortunately, you can bring your laptop to the Asus Authorised Service Center in Mumbai if it has a problem. The staff at Asus Authorized Service Centers Mumbai have years of experience and know-how to repair your laptop quickly and affordably. Whether your Asus laptop is a refurbished model or needs a complete overhaul, authorized Asus Service Centers in Mumbai can help you. Whether you’re looking for an Asus Service Center in Mumbai or a new one, you’ll find what you need in our guide below.

Detailed Information About Asus Authorized Service Center Mumbai :

Asus Authorized Service Center Mumbai specializes in repairing Asus laptops. While they are not the right choice for everyone, authorized Asus Service Centers are worth considering if their manufacturer’s warranty still covers your device. Most manufacturers provide one year of the contract for new laptops and other devices, so problems that arise after this period are likely covered under warranty. The warranty period is typically quite long, so the Asus Authorized Service Center Mumbai can provide the most comprehensive repairs for your device.

You can visit an Asus Authorized Service Center in Mumbai to receive an official warranty for your newest Laptop and Computer. These centers are authorized to provide repair services for Asus products and are convenient locations for customers in the Mumbai area. Asus Service Center Mumbai specializes in fixing your device and is available around the clock. The technicians are trained to diagnose and cure any problems your device may be experiencing. The technicians can even perform your device’s repairs if you’re not home when you’re in the store.

Asus Laptop Service Center in Mumbai – Get your Laptop Working in a Proper Manner

Our Asus Laptop Service Center in Mumbai relieves your laptop’s issues with a perfect laptop solution. We have specialized repair solutions for all models of Asus laptops. A low-cost Asus Laptop Service solution within a fast turnaround time is our forte. We at Asus Laptop Service Center Mumbai have a knowledgeable & friendly technical support team to help you with the installation & troubleshooting of your Asus laptops. If you are looking for Asus Laptop Service Center near me, we provide an instant solution for all kinds of issues. We offer top-quality repair services for your Asus laptops & Asus notebooks.

Our technicians provide you with comprehensive Asus laptop repair services. Asus Laptop Service Center Mumbai offers issues like motherboard chip level Service, Asus laptop software installation, Asus laptop networking services, & other customized solutions for your Asus laptops. Our major benefits include professionalism, Excellent repairs, fast response time, complete customer satisfaction, and telephone support. 

Asus Laptop Service Center in Mumbai also offers technical support to individuals & businesses in all areas of Mumbai. We have highly qualified professionals that can repair all the Asus laptop parts & components. Asus Service Center near me Mumbai also deal in Asus laptop AC adapters, Asus laptop keyboards, Asus laptop LCD panels, Asus batteries, Asus laptop motherboards, Asus small circuit boards, Asus inverters, & other accessories. You can bring your Asus laptop to our Asus Laptop Store, or we also offer doorstep service for your Asus Laptop or touchpad.

Specialities of Asus Service Center Mumbai:

Asus Service Center Mumbai has a team of experienced laptop technicians capable of resolving all types of laptop issues within 24 hours. However, some major Asus laptop issues, such as Motherboard issues, need to rectify at our service center with the help of our well-equipped resources & tools that are only available in our place. Also, it depends upon the parts availability as we order only from the original Asus laptop spare parts & it might take just a few days to reach.

Despite our extremely superb quality work, our Asus Laptop Repair is reasonable. We do both Warranty & Non-Warranty Asus Laptops. Looking for Asus Service Center near me? We have been here to resolve numerous Asus laptop problems for many years. Asus Service Center Mumbai has a happy customer base who rated positive feedback about our genuine style of resolving all kinds of laptop issues. Most significantly, Asus Service Center Mumbai has a professional way of working, inspiring our valuable customers. Our Asus Service Center Mumbai is fully equipped with capable & keen technocrats who have over a decade of experience in service, sales, & maintenance.

Facing a problem with your Asus laptops? Is your Asus laptop needs proper services? Our Asus Laptop Service Center Mumbai offers you total relief from all kinds of Asus laptop issues of yours with the perfect laptop service solution in Mumbai. Asus Service Center Mumbai believes in providing a high standard of customer support, and our team offers fast solutions to your Asus laptop requirements. Moreover, we are known for offering specialized repair solutions for all kinds of Asus laptops. We have low-cost Service solutions in fast turnaround time, which is our specialty. We have a knowledgeable & friendly technical support team to help you with the installation & troubleshooting of your Asus laptops.

What Asus Laptop Repair Center Mumbai offer to our Valuable Customers:-

Free pick-up and drop facility: Our pick and drop facility saves a lot of time for our customers in moving to the service center destination.

Free diagnosis: We will not get any charge for the Asus laptop diagnosis, and we will charge only for your Asus laptop repair.

A same-day repair facility: Our customers no need to wait for their laptops. Asus Service Center Mumbai offers the Same Day Repair to your Asus laptops and will get back to you soon.

Cash on delivery: Check your Asus laptops before the cash-on-delivery at your doorsteps.

Asus Laptop Parts Replacement Cost- Post Warranty Laptop Service

Service Type Warranty Period Replacement Cost
Asus Laptop Screen Replacement Cost 1 Year (Damaged Not Cover) 3250Rs. – 7800Rs.
Asus Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1850Rs. – 3850Rs.
Asus Laptop HDD Replacement Cost 3 Years* 3250Rs. – 7850Rs.
Asus Laptop Fan Replacement Price 3 Months – 6 Months 1850 Rs. – 3250 Rs.
Asus Laptop Battery Replacement Price 1 Year 2250Rs. – 5250Rs.
Asus Laptop Ram Replacement Price 3 Years* 2850Rs. – 8500Rs.
Asus Laptop Touchscreen Replacement Price 1 Month (Testing Warranty) 1150Rs. – 28500Rs.
Asus Laptop WIFi Card Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1850Rs. – 2850Rs.
Asus Laptop Speaker Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1850Rs. – 2850Rs.
Asus Laptop Motherboard Replacement Cost 1 Month (Testing Warranty) 6500Rs. – 28500Rs.
Asus Laptop CMOS Battery Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 850Rs. – 1850Rs.
Asus Laptop Motherboard Repairing Cost 1 Month 1850Rs. – 3850Rs.
Asus Laptop Fabrication Cost NA 1650Rs. – 2850Rs.
Asus Laptop Cleaning & Servicing Cost NA 850Rs. – 1650Rs.

Note- This price depends on laptop models, laptop series,laptop configuration,parts availability and market fluctuations and the choice of places.

Same Day Repair Service Locations- Post Warranty Asus Laptop Service

Post Warranty Asus Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai | Laptop Service Center

List with Phone Number and Address Details

Frequently Asked Questions -

Asus Laptop Customer Service is among the top customer service in laptops. The Asus website is easy to navigate and is made for users to guide them through the troubleshooting process. If you're having an issue with your laptop and want to troubleshoot, call the best Asus technical support phone number: +91-9761101996

It depends on the type of problem that your Asus has. Some problems with laptops might be small and involve simple hardware fixes. Other problems might involve more extensive repairs, meaning not just a hardware issue but also software issues that need to be fixed too.

Yes, Asus does have service centers in Mumbai. You can find the address of your nearest service center by visiting Asus Service Center in Mumbai website.

The Asus Warranty varies by product. The warranty time depends on the product and is generally 1-3 years. To know more information about Asus Warranty Policy, read our blog post -How to Check Asus Warranty.

Visit our warranty center and enter the serial number from your laptop in your warranty request form. Once we've processed your claim, we'll send you a confirmation email. You will also find instructions about how to carry out troubleshooting on your laptop on our website.

Laptop screens are often very difficult to replace. It is sometimes necessary for those looking to replace their Asus laptop screen to take it into the hands of professionals at a service center.

The price of a new Asus laptop screen depends on the model. For a more accurate answer, you'll need to take into account your location and how soon you want the screen to be delivered. To find what models are available, check the Price tab on our website.

Yes! Asus stands for "Asus Service and Support" providing service and support for laptops out of warranty. Our technical engineers use genuine parts and offer same-day service on most workstations.

There are many factors that influence the cost of laptop repairs--to get an idea on your specific repair, please contact our experienced tech support team by dialing +91-9761101996

The perfect and best place to get your Asus Laptop fixed is here in our service center. Our trained technicians will diagnose, repair, and upgrade your Asus laptop to ensure that you always have a backup. If a service isn't available at our Asus Laptop Service Center, we'll notify you and come to your home or office to fix it. Visit us today!

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