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HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai | Hp Service Center Near Me

HP offers its service centers in several locations across the country. You can visit any HP Authorized Service Center in Mumbai to get your HP device repaired or maintained. HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai is well-equipped to handle various repairs, from printers and scanners to digital laptops and desktops. The company also offers Authorized Service Centers for notebooks and servers. You can also contact the HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai nearest your home or office to find out about its upcoming festivals. 

If your HP laptop is faulty or in need of repairs, you can call the HP customer support number and get details about the type of services they offer. Mumbai has 20 authorized HP Authorized Service Centers and four HP stores, and HP provides repair services for various HP products. The customer care representatives will diagnose and repair any problems you may have with your HP device. In addition, HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai also offers online support so that you can get your laptop fixed on your phone without wasting time searching for it.

HP is an American multinational company known for laptops, desktops, and printers. The company is dedicated to innovation and offers an extensive line of products for various customer segments. The company provides a variety of HP laptops to suit every need. These laptops vary in RAM capacity, hard disc size, display size, and processor. You can also get help from HP Authorized Service Center in Mumbai through their online customer support and escalation services.

The cost of HP laptop repair depends on the damage’s extent and the problem’s nature. If the repair is necessary, you can choose an HP Authorized Service center in Mumbai or send your laptop to third-party repair services. Depending on the nature of the problem, you can also choose to have your computer repaired by a technician. HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai may offer replacement services depending on the model and state of the hard drive. You may also be able to get your HP laptop repaired using the instructions provided by HP. 

HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai has a convenient process to repair your laptop. After you purchase the product, you can register it. This registration enables HP to provide you with technical support. However, if you change the location of purchase or move, you must notify HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai immediately. Once registered, you must package your product and have it ready to be repaired. If the problem is not detected on the first attempt, you must resubmit the request before noon on the next business day. HP provides telephonic support. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may be able to get the repairs done for a very reasonable price. 

In some cases, HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai will even choose to replace a defective hardware product with a new one, which is technically equivalent to the original. If the problem isn’t apparent on the phone, you can even choose to have the repair done online so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of returning your laptop. The cost of HP laptop repair will vary depending on the problem and the hardware failure. You should also consider the type of warranty available for your laptop, and you can opt for a more extended warranty if it is a new model.

HP Laptop Service Center Mumbai– Get all Laptop Repairing Services under a Single Roof

Locate the top HP Laptop Service Center in Mumbai near me, which offers you outstanding technical service, a high rate of customer satisfaction, & a guaranteed solution for fixing your HP laptop. In most of the cases at our HP Laptop Repairing Center, HP laptops are rectified, diagnosed, & then fixed on the same day with the accessibility of our highly knowledgeable HP Service technicians. Hp Service Center in Mumbai has diverse expertise in solving all kinds of minor as well as major issues & common to rare problems.

We at HP Laptop Service Center Mumbai are widely recognized for solving all kinds of issues related to hardware & software problems. We have experienced HP laptop engineers capable of identifying HP laptop issues, diagnosing all kinds of problems, & work on solutions so that your HP laptop is back in working condition. We at HP Laptop Service Center in Mumbai are always a step ahead in communicating with our customers, and we offer the quickest procedure to book a repair for your HP laptop.

Suppose you are looking for an HP Service Center near me Mumbai, In that case, we are the best option as we have highly qualified professional technicians. Who can repair all kinds of HP laptop parts & components, including laptop LCD panels, HP laptop AC adaptors, Hp batteries, HP laptop keyboards, HP laptop motherboards, HP small circuit boards, HP inverters, & other accessories? Our technicians are well-qualified to diagnose, troubleshoot,& repair all kinds of HP laptop problems, including a malfunctioning keyboard, failed power jack, power surges, booting problems, & flickering or dim LCD screen.

We are specialists in treating HP laptop issues that are caused due to power supply issues, software problems, accidental spillage of liquids, physical cosmetic damage, & overheating. Apart from the HP laptop repair, we offer data recovery, password removal, software installations, spyware removal, virus removal, & OS installation.

HP Laptop Motherboard Repairing Mumbai

Hp Service Center Mumbai has professional technicians who are well qualified & well trained at their work. They are adept or experts in repairing the motherboard of your HP laptops. Our technicians are dedicated in their field and have experience of more than a decade & can resolve all kinds of HP laptops issues deliberately & mindfully.

Hp Laptop Software Installation in Mumbai

Hp Service Center in Mumbai has skilled technicians who are skilled in dealing with numerous software issues. Our team of technicians has the finest knowledge about HP laptops, and we also deal with the installation of software & issues related to it. We have experienced, qualified,& well-trained technicians who are ready to provide doorstep services.

Hp Laptop Maintenance in Mumbai

Regardless of the smashed system repair, Hp Service Center Mumbai also deals with the part replacement of your HP laptops such as hard disk, keyboard, RAM, Hinges, Processor, Screen, Body, etc. And, for doing this, Hp Repair Center Mumbai have skilled technicians who do their work at their best & very smartly as well.

Why Choose us- Hp Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai

  • 1). Numerous years of experience in this industry
  • 2). All kinds of laptop services under a single roof
  • 3). Provide a complete laptop solution
  • 4). AMC contracts for commercial laptops
  • 5). Repair your laptop in front of your eyes by our onsite policy
  • 6). Qualified & well-trained technicians that can deal with any type of laptop servicing
  • 7). Door Step Service
  • 8). Affordable & reasonable charges
  • 9). Best, instant, & loyal services

HP Laptop Parts Replacement & Service Cost- Post Warranty Service

Service Type Warranty Period Replacement Cost
HP Laptop Screen Replacement Cost 1 Year (Damaged Not Cover) 3250Rs. – 8500Rs.
HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1750Rs. – 3950Rs.
HP Laptop HDD Replacement Cost 3 Years* 3150Rs. – 7750Rs.
HP Laptop Fan Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1750 Rs. – 3150 Rs.
HP Laptop Battery Replacement Cost 1 Year 2150Rs. – 5150Rs.
Hp Laptop Ram Replacement Cost 3 Years* 2850Rs. – 8500Rs.
HP Laptop Touchscreen Replacement Cost 1 Month (Testing Warranty) 1150Rs. – 28500Rs.
HP Laptop WIFi Card Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1850Rs. – 2850Rs.
HP Laptop Speaker Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 1850Rs. – 2850Rs.
Hp Laptop Motherboard Replacement Cost 1 Month (Testing Warranty) 6500Rs. – 28500Rs.
HP Laptop CMOS Battery Replacement Cost 3 Months – 6 Months 850Rs. – 1850Rs.
Hp Laptop Motherboard Repairing Cost 1 Month 1850Rs. – 3850Rs.
Hp Laptop Fabrication Cost NA 1650Rs. – 2850Rs.
Hp Laptop Cleaning & Servicing Cost NA 850Rs. – 1550Rs.

Note- This price depends on laptop models, laptop series,laptop configuration,parts availability and market fluctuations and the choice of places.

Same Day Repair Service Locations- Post Warranty Service

Post Warranty HP Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai | Laptop Service Center

List with Toll Free Number and Address Details

Frequently Asked Questions -

You can locate your serial numbers by checking at the bottom of your laptop. If you cannot find it physically, use "Fn + Esc" to into HP System Information. On the bottom of the screen, you'll see the serial number.

If you are the owner of the HP laptop and wish to carry out the HP warranty check, the only thing you need to do is go to HP's Support site, input your country of residence or purchase, and enter the serial code of the HP device.


You will find the serial code on the sticker on your device, which is generally located on the bottom of the device. If you do an HP warranty test on your device, you'll be able to determine if the device is still covered under the warranty of the manufacturer and the length of time that warranty runs.

HP Service Center Mumbai can help you diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix problems with your device. We offer a range of services, including Keyboard replacement, Screen Replacement, Damaged Laptop Body replacement, Laptop Fabrication, and motherboard repair.

Hp Service Center Mumbai has many different payment options available. You can choose from the following: Cash, Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe & Cheque.

Yes! Our onsite specialists offer many services, including LCD screen replacements, keyboard replacement, SSD upgradation, fan replacement, laptop body replacement, hard drive data recovery, and motherboard repair.

It varies depending on the issue and related factors, but we offer various service options. Our expert technicians specialize in Hp laptop repair services, so you get a full resolution for your issue. It can depend on the problem and its degree, but our team of highly-trained professionals will be able to help.

We hope you never need an HP Service Center, but for those times when you do, we have compiled a list of Hp service centers and Hp Exclusive stores in your city.


It depends on the laptop. If you have a screen cracked or lightly burned out, it will take only around 10 to 30 minutes to fix. This will take longer if you have a motherboard failure issue and need to replace parts like a keyboard or a damaged screen or a fan.

HP is a manufacturer, so they repair all the laptop models they make. You can send your laptop in for an estimate, and we will contact you if the diagnostic shows a repair is needed.

There are three options for laptop repair services.
The first is a general check-up and tune-up, which will cost 450 Rupees to 850 Rupees.

The second option is just a laptop screen replacement, and that will cost 4500 Rupees to 15500 Rupees.

The third option is to replace the motherboard, and that will cost 5500 Rupees to 22500 Rupees.

There’s always the option for you to purchase your own parts if you want to try it yourself, but if you’re not confident in doing so, we recommend going with our services.

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