How to Check Acer Laptop Warranty Status?​

To perform the Acer warranty check, you must first locate your Acer laptop’s serial number & then visit the Acer website. Once you navigate to the warranty status page on your web browser, you can enter the serial number & click submit; to get the needed information about your Acer Laptop’s warranty. Read full blog post.

How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty Status?

Acer Laptops are the most trusted companions, & in today’s era, Acer laptops enable us to get our work done effectively. An important portion of the global workforce currently works remotely; whether working from home or as part of the global virtual team, you must rely on your laptop to achieve specific tasks. So, any malfunctions & breakdowns will throw the wrench into your plans, leaving you beached with several options. In case the laptop is comparatively new (purchased less than a year ago), you can fall back on the brand warranty to get your laptop repaired. Brands such as Acer provide standard limited warranties with their laptops, which take care of any damage to your laptop due to manufacturing defects. To perform the Acer warranty check, you must first locate your Acer laptop’s serial number & then visit the Acer website. Once you navigate to the warranty status page on your web browser, you can enter the serial number & click submit; to get the needed information about your Acer Laptop’s warranty.

How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty Status

Acer is the competitive player in today’s PC & laptop segments; they have different products like desktops and laptops ranging from midrange to ultra-gaming. Acer laptop had associated with several other PC component manufacturers & hence the Acer warranty check also differs from component to component in terms of Desktop series. Though in the Laptop segment, they have partner brands such as Chicony or Delta to manufacture the charging adapters; thus, if you get Chicony or Delta brand chargers inside the laptop, do not panic, as Acer officially offers them. Acer is a renowned brand in the laptops & electronics market; Acer has an array of laptops & typically offers a one-year on-site warranty in India. 

Along with purchasing Acer laptops, the customers should be aware of Acer laptop warranty service. Questions such as the duration of the warranty, “how to check Acer laptop warranty”, what would cover all features, and what should be the next step if the warranty expires often spring to our minds. So, here I would try to reduce your burden by answering several basic questions which often trouble you, starting with “how to check Acer laptop warranty“. It is surely problematic to find details about the Acer laptop warranty on the website, so this blog will assist you in checking your Acer laptop warranty & warranty extension. The direct link for the Acer laptop warranty check & warranty extension will be listed below:

How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty By Using Official Website Of Acer:

1). Go to the official website of Acer at the following link:

2). you have to select the “Country or Region” option from the mentioned menu tab.

3). you have to require to fill in your laptop’s SNID number.

4). you have to fill in the serial number of your laptop. 

5). that will display the warranty status of your Acer laptop on your browser screen.

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How to check Acer Laptop & Desktop Warranty Status?

What is Not Covered under Acer Laptop Warranty?

1). Laptop Damage, internal damage, & physical damage

2). Defective keyboards

3). Keyboard missing keys

4). Broken Laptop Screen and several dots on the laptop screen

5). Opening the case and Hinges or Cover damage

6). Breaking OEM Seal. Don’t try to open the laptop on your own; your warranty might void

7). The warranty might be void if you add, remove, or upgrade the internal components without the consent of the laptop OEM.

Check What Does Laptop Extended Acer Warranty Cover?

The standard limited Acer laptop warranties offered by laptop brands ensure that your laptop remains operational, & brand takes care of any manufacturing defects which may render your device impracticable. The limited Acer warranty takes care of the below issues & damages:

  • 1). Damage to the laptop due to shipping
  • 2). Issues or problems as a result of manufacturing defects

3). Though, the usual Acer standard warranty doesn’t cover the following repairs and costs:

  • 4). Damage to Acer laptop due to external causes such as accidental damage, misuse, or abuse of the laptop, & issues with the laptop’s electrical power
  • 5). Damage is due to a service that the brand has not authorized.
  • 6). Hardware damage caused by using parts & components that the brand doesn’t supply
  • 7). Software, external devices, & accessories that aren’t offered by the brand while shipping the Acer laptop


 I’ve tried to provide the basic information about the warranty details for Acer laptops in this article. I hope that this informational post can answer your queries about “How to check Acer Laptop & Desktop Warranty status “and any other questions regarding the Acer warranty. Are you searching for an experienced service station to assist you in solving all issues with your Acer laptop? Then, surely you’ll find that the Laptop Service Center Mumbai is the best place to go. The Acer Laptop Service Center‘s focus is on the needs of its customers, and the demands of the clients are the most important thing. They provide a reasonable and reliable service for customers’ benefit. They have a dedicated team of experts who are trained to manage laptops with ease. They also provide doorstep service in Mumbai. They used genuine quality laptop spare parts and products. For Laptop Repair home service, visit their website and book a repair schedule.

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Frequently Asked Question-

Usually, the Acer laptop warranty is for one year. Though, some manufacturers tend to cover the normal warranty period. You must contact your retailer to know more about your Acer warranty period. Likewise, if you have been using your product for a long time, & are unaware of your warranty, check the guide mentioned above to know your Acer warranty status.

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