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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Dell Laptop Keyboard?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Dell Laptop Keyboard?

If you don’t know where to look, it could be not easy to find the right Dell laptop keyboard replacement service that fits your budget. This blog will help you find affordable Dell laptop keyboard replacement options. You can order a Dell laptop keyboard online at the Laptop Repair Centre Mumbai store if you have the necessary skills. Let’s get started.

Michael Dell founded the company in 1984 and now employs over 160,000 people around the globe. This American technology firm develops, sells, and repairs computers and related products and services. Dell sells computers, servers, storage devices, hardware peripherals, computer peripherals, and network switches. It is known for its supply chain management and electronic commerce innovations. It includes its direct-sales model, “build-to-order” or “configure to order” manufacturing techniques, which deliver individual PCs tailored to customer specifications.

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Your Dell keyboard not working is the most frustrating thing. Many things can affect keyboards, including power issues and back lighting problems. If the keyboard worked perfectly before suddenly stopping, it could be software or power issues. If you use a wired keyboard, ensure your computer’s connections are secure. If necessary, unplug the device and reconnect it. These are the most common problems that indicate your Dell Laptop’s need for a replacement keyboard.

Cause of Dell Laptop Keyboard Problems:

Driver Problem- A driver problem could cause your keyboard to become unresponsive. The driver for another keyboard may have interacted with your current keyboard and disabled it.

Driver Problem

Motherboard Problems- Motherboard a loose, damaged, or broken ribbon, connector, or cable connecting your keyboard to the Motherboard of your laptop may cause your keyboard not to respond.

Motherboard Problems

Water Damage or Dust Problem– When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? You could have dirt on or near certain keys that cause them to stick, jam, or stop working.

Water Damage or Dust Problem

You will need to replace the Dell laptop keyboard if you experience any of these problems. You have two options: purchase a new keyboard from Laptop Service Center Mumbai or schedule a repair job to get the best Dell Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service at your home.

How to Replace a Dell Laptop Keyboard at Home?

You may ask what steps you need to take to replace the keyboard. It is the step-by-step method to replace your laptop’s keyboard.

1). After buying the keyboard, it is the first thing to study and comprehend the manual for service.

2). Pull the battery off when the laptop is switched off and disconnect it from the power source.

3). You should rotate the laptop to ensure that the matrix is facing upwards. After that, you must remove all screws that are on the back of the laptop.

4). After removing the screws is only necessary to take off your keyboard. On the motherboard, there will be a keyboard covered with tape. Make sure to open the slot with care and take it out.

5). The reverse procedure is followed to put the keyboard in place. Attach the tape using the lock by putting it inside the socket.

6). Following that, place all the screws and hooks.How do you feel? Aren’t you able to do it? Find solutions to fix your laptop’s keyboard in this post.

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What is the cost of Replacing a Dell Laptop Keyboard in India?

If your Dell laptop remains under warranty, you should visit an authorized Dell Laptop Repair Center. To check your warranty status, you can easily do a Dell warranty check. There are many models and series of Dell laptops. Dell laptop keyboard Replacement cost depends on your model and keyboard type. You should contact our support team via a request for a call. You can also call us at +919761101996. Our team will determine the model of your dell laptop and provide you with the best price for the replacement Dell laptop keyboard. For internal and external use, you can estimate the Dell Laptop keyboard Replacement price range in India at Rs. 1250 – 3250 RS.

Below is the table, you can see an approximate Dell Laptop keyboard repair cost for India-

NOTE: The price is subject to the availability of the parts, model, types, and market volatility.

Model No/Series NamePrice Range
Dell Inspiron Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost1450-2850 RS.
Dell Vostro Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost1350-2650 RS.
Dell XPS Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost1850- 3250 RS.
Dell Gaming G Series Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost2250- 3450 RS.
Dell Alienware Keyboard Replacement Cost2450- 3850 RS.
Dell Latitude Keyboard Replacement Cost1650- 2450 RS.
Dell Studio Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost1450- 2250 RS.

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. It is why we offer high-quality, personalized services and support. We offer fast repair and support services at your home or office. Laptop Service Center Mumbai can assist with many brands, including DellHpLenovoAsusAcer, and other laptop brands. We will repair your hardware parts with the original parts if possible.

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We are the best choice for Dell Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Service Center Mumbai has been relied upon by thousands of customers for years to resolve device-related and computer problems. Every day, thousands of people, including many clients, trust Laptop Service Center Mumbai to solve their computer problems. It is what sets us apart from other laptop repair services.


There are many reasons to choose Laptop Service Center Mumbai for your Dell Laptop Services-

#Certified Engineers

Our center’s main pillar is its engineers, so we have never compromised on their recruitment. Unlike other local shops, our engineers are certifi

#Professional Behaviour

ed, and it ensures high-quality work. Laptop Service Center Mumbai engineers have at least ten years of experience. For repair work, we never hire inexperienced newer employees.

The quality of local repair shops is often compromised by the limited number of people available to work in each department. We have different teams of engineers for each type of repair, and we have teams specializing in laptop, desktop, and smartphone repair. We will provide top-quality service.

Professional behavior in the workplace is an example of professional behavior. It is defined as etiquette that emphasizes polite and respectful conduct. Our service flow is designed to be professional and efficient. Each device is handled with the utmost care.

Most local shops are casual and informal in their service delivery. We understand your device’s importance for personal and professional use, and we keep that in mind when we do our jobs.

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#Lowest Cost with the Best Quality

Authorized Dell Service Centers will charge twice or thrice the market price for genuine parts. However, local repair shops will sell you cheap parts made in china.

#Device Protection

Our primary responsibility is to protect your device, and Local repair shops won’t care about your device. All the devices are kept together at one location. It is common to see mobile parts or laptops being unknowingly exchanged, and they do it often without knowing.

We are different. From the very beginning of our service, we maintain professionalism. Every part that we collect for repair is subject to paperwork. The customer signs every removable part. You can also mark the stickers with your ticket number. We do not supply duplicate parts, and that is how we operate. If we collect your laptops, we will ask you for your signature on the screen, keyboard, and supporting hardware parts. It is done to make sure that your parts are never replaced.

#Professional and Clean Workshop

Each part of an electronic device, including circuits and chips, is delicate and delicate. Even a little dust or moisture can seriously damage your devices. We have an international standard workshop that protects all of our devices. Because most small repair shops only have one table, they can’t take care of your device as well as the larger repair shops.

Our service will ensure that your device is fully protected and secure. Our workshop is monitored by CCTV cameras 24 hours a day, and anyone unauthorized, even engineers, can’t touch your device.

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#Free and Timely Pickup and Delivery

Laptop Service Center Mumbai doesn’t charge extra to pick up your device or deliver it to you. You will receive free service at your home if you use our service.

Laptop Service Center Mumbai is renowned for its prompt pickup and delivery. We never miss our allotted schedule. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to our workshop. Your device will be picked up and delivered at the time scheduled. We also provide proper protection.

#Dedicated Customer Service

There is no Customer Service available at local repair shops, and they are not available by phone or have an online portal to resolve customer queries. They can see cases when they take customers’ phones but don’t answer calls after that.

Our customer support team is available to assist you at all times. You can call our support number or submit a query form on our website to get an immediate response. If you have any questions or doubts regarding our service, we are always available to help. Contact us.

#Final Inspection of Each Device

Laptop Service Center Mumbai follows a strict set of rules. A final inspection is required before we hand over any device. Each device is subject to continuous testing for 24 hours. Afterward, the batch is labelled with an “OK Tested” tag. Only devices with this sticker or batch are considered ready for delivery. That means that once your device has been delivered, you can be sure it has passed all the testing parameters and have no surprises.

We do more than repair your electronics with tried-and-true methods delivered right to your doorstep. We also keep you updated throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction. We will visit you at your home to provide all services and support. Our clients also receive high-quality, fast, and secure desktop support for very affordable prices.

To get Genine Laptop parts for all major brands of laptops, call +91 9761101996 or book a repair job to have your Lenovo Laptop battery replaced at a reasonable price. Contact us today via request a return call.

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