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Easy Guide: How to Get Insurance for Laptop in India

Get Insurance for Laptop in India

Laptops have become like a notebook in today’s time – every student, professional, and expert today has a laptop! The laptop has aroused a new sense of freedom and productivity for people. These portable devices have joined everyday life in such a way that the imagination of life is also difficult without them. Just think, your laptop gets spoiled for one day, a week, or a month. In such a situation, imagine what problems you will face to get your data.

If the laptop gets completely spoiled, you may also have to buy a new one. This can be a very big concern for daily employees. Laptops are not cheap things, and additional expenses in their repair can increase troubles. Therefore, it is important to be asked this question – can my laptop be insured? Read more to know about How to Get Insurance for laptops in India!

What is Laptop Insurance Policy

A laptop insurance policy is a great way to protect your investment. If your laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can file a claim and receive reimbursement for the cost of repairs or replacement. Many policies also cover accidental damage, so if you drop your laptop or spill coffee on it, you can still get it fixed. Some policies even provide coverage for data recovery, so if you accidentally delete important files, you can get them back.

Can a Laptop be Insurance?

A small answer is that you can buy an insurance policy covering your laptop. But the insurance premium will be decided based on laptop brand, model, and quality; such a policy is better for individual owners and businesses that provide devices to their employees.

What is covered in Laptop Insurance Policy?

The coverage details depend mainly on what kind of laptop insurance policy you have taken. The types of coverage are usually the following:

Changing the screen repairing screen: If you look carefully, the laptop screen is one of the often spoiled parts of the laptop. Being thin can easily damage the screen. The laptop is also used on the go, so its fall may cause damage to the open screen, or the display may be completely spoiled. Because repairing the screen cannot be easily done, it usually has to be sent to change the entire screen, in which the incoming expenditure can be up to 10% -15% of the total price of the laptop.

The laptop’s price decreases every year after purchase, so it is not the right decision to always spend on a new screen. In such a situation, laptop insurance can save you and cover the expenses incurred in repairing or changing the screen.

Mechanical, electrical, or such disadvantages: Although the insurance policy does not cover normal breakdown, the Insurance covers the electrical or mechanical malfunction of the laptop. Most of the insurance policy clearly explains the brand covered in Insurance. This ensures that you are not buying a laptop that often has a mechanical or electrical failure. But, if this happens, you can repair or change it quickly and claim it with your insurer.

Stolen, Burglary, or Fraud: You are a freelancer working on a graphic design project. You have to give delivery of your work after two days. But in the co-working space, today your laptop has been stolen. In such a situation, you can do all your work again in the next two days, but can you take a new laptop immediately? If you have laptop insurance covering theft, you can take a new laptop using your savings or EMI and file an insurance claim.

Liquid fall: The laptop’s portability means that you can easily use it anywhere – in the cafeteria, on your dining table, or while watching a movie with your friends. Because it can be taken anywhere, it can cause harm anywhere. Coffee, cold drinks, or water can fall on it, and it can cause great damage to your touchpad or keyboard. When this happens, compressive laptop insurance coverage gives you coverage for the cost of repair and replacement.

What things are not included in the policy?

  1. Laptop damage caused by war or terrorist attacks.
  2. Damage caused by negligence (useless use).
  3. Broken.
  4. Damage during repair.

The Benefits of Having Laptop Insurance

If you’re like most people, your laptop is one of your most important possessions. It’s not only a valuable item in its own right but also contains a wealth of information and memories. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have laptop insurance in case something happens. Laptop insurance can protect you from several potential problems.

For example, if your laptop is stolen, you’ll be covered for replacing it. If it’s damaged in an accident, you can get it repaired or replaced. And if you have to cancel your trip because your laptop is lost or stolen, you’ll be reimbursed for any non-refundable expenses. Laptop insurance is relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the value of your laptop and the peace of mind it can provide. So if you haven’t already done so, get insured today!

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Laptop Insurance in India

Regarding laptops, it’s important to have Insurance in case of theft, loss, or damage. Here are the top 5 tips for finding the best laptop insurance in India:

  1. Shop around and compare prices from different insurers.
  2. Make sure to read the fine print and understand the coverage.
  3. Choose a policy with comprehensive coverage.
  4. Consider getting Insurance from your credit card company.
  5. Check if your home insurance policy covers laptops.

How to Get Insurance for Laptop in India

A unique feature of laptop insurance is extended warranty insurance. Using this Insurance, a laptop seller or maker can give you an additional warranty based on market-standard. For example, assuming you have bought a new Dell laptop with 12 months of standard warranty, the seller can give you an additional warranty of 12 months, 24 months, or more after this period. This will make the price of your laptop a little more than its retail price, but this will save you from the cost of repairing for the next few years – even if the laptop becomes old and its price decreases, even then, you still have the benefit. Will get.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive laptop insurance policy, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Reliable Insurance is excited to offer our clients a wide range of protection options for their laptops. Whether you’re looking for coverage in case of theft, damage, or loss, we have a policy that will suit your needs. Our team understands that your laptop is an important investment, and we want to help you protect it. We offer a variety of plans and coverage options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

We also offer competitive rates to get the protection you need without breaking the bank. Please don’t wait any longer; call us today, and let us help you find the perfect laptop insurance policy for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Que.1 What is extended warranty benefits?

Ans. If you take extended warranty benefits, then your laptop’s warranty is more than the normal period. In this way, even when the laptop’s price is low, you do not have to pay for repairs during the holding period.

Que.2 Can I get Insurance on old laptops?

Ans. The answer is also- yes. But the cover will not be high due to the laptop’s low price.

Que.3 How Much Does Laptop Insurance Cost in India? 

Ans. How much does laptop insurance cost in India? It depends on a few factors, but you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 3850 to Rs 7850 each year. The amount you pay will depend on the coverage you need and the value of your laptop.

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