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Top 15 Tips: How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life 

How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life 

Whether you have a new or old laptop, you always want to keep it in good condition and use it for longer. But what is usually seen, as the laptops are seen, is that their battery life starts to decrease. Old laptops prove weak compared to modern laptops, thanks to modern technology that provides more battery life, performance, and good functionality to modern laptops. Still, the modern laptop has to be plugged in to use the laptop all day.

In the laptop, Windows 10 has always been condemned for consuming more power than its old Windows, including Windows 7 and 8. In Microsoft, Windows 10 has made several updates in a few years to reduce the power consumption case, which they have been successful to a great extent. Therefore, today I will discuss in detail How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life. So let’s earn knowledge by discussing one more topic rel

How to Increase the Battery life of the Laptop

ated to the laptop’s battery.

It is possible to increase your laptop’s battery life by changing the settings of some software and hardware. Today in this article, I will tell you how to check those applications that consume more electricity on your laptop.

Windows 10 will also discuss how to increase laptop battery life; before that, I want to give you, so let’s first look at these suggestions.


  • Control the light of the laptop screen, as the screen uses a large amount of battery power to keep the laptop display shiny and clear.
  • Check whether Bluetooth and WIFI in your laptop are not on. When you turn on the laptop due to the ongoing Bluetooth and WIFI, they discover wireless networks and connections to connect yourself, which ends your battery.
  • If you are not working on the Internet, you should keep airplane mode. When the airplane mode is turned on, it discontinues wireless radio, background apps, and other programs, which reduces power consumption.
  • If you are doing simple work on laptops and it does not require external equipment like USB sticks, mice, and webcams, then stop or unplug them because they have to provide power to the motherboard for which it is electricity. Let’s use
  • If you do not need a sound, put the speaker on the mute in your cloth because it uses electricity repeatedly when it has Windows boot.

Top 15 Tips: How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life 

So let’s now consider in detail the tips that can increase the battery life of the laptop:

#1. Change Power Mode

The first way, you change the power mode in your laptop. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the power capacity of your laptop. Go to your Windows 10 taskbar and click on the battery icon in the notification area. Slide the power mode that you have to choose.

Here you will get four options, but only three options are available if the laptop is plugged in. Your battery can be on ‘Better Performance,’ but you can choose ‘Better Battery Life’ or Best Battery Life.

Note: It is not necessary that this setting is available on all Windows 10 laptops. It depends on the laptop or manufacturer of the PC. You should run Windows 10 version 1703 or after your laptop or laptop.

#2. Reduce the brightness of the screen

Another easy way to increase the battery’s capacity is to reduce the screen’s brightness. To reduce brightness, click on the right and notification icon [1] in the taskbar of Windows. After this, use the brightness slider [2] to reduce the glow.

#3. Turn on ‘Battery Savor

To increase the life of the battery, you can increase one step: turn on the battery-saving mode. This battery is reduced to the application and notifications running in the background.

Check that you are running a laptop or PC battery power and then click by pressing the setting (windows key +i).

Click on the battery on the left to go to electricity savings options. Here you can turn on the battery-saver mode.

#4. Find and close the apps consumed by the battery

On the same page, you can detect apps that finish your laptop’s battery. If those apps consume spare batteries, you can stop them by walking in the background. So let’s know how to close these apps.

Scroll below to check the device using maximum batteries. With the help of a drop-down menu, you can find out the history of the device consuming battery for the last 24 hours or the last seven days.

Now all the apps that are seen in front of you can click on them and see how much electricity it consumes in the background.

After this, if you do not want to walk the app in the background, you can stop using a drop-down. You just have to choose the default option ‘Let Windows Decide’. But if you will never run this app, choose ‘Never.’

Note: This setting is only for Microsoft Store apps and not all desktop apps.

#5. Disable background apps to improve battery life

Along with closing the apps shown in the battery setting, you can close dozens of other apps from walking in the background. You have to do this by going to the ‘Privacy’ Setting. So let’s know how?

First, type ‘setting’ in the search box of the laptop and type. Click on Privacy when the setting page opens.

Now scroll below the left and click ‘Background Apps’ in the ‘App Permissions’ section. On the left side, toggle the ‘Let Apps run in the background’ option.

In this middle, remember that some apps are required to walk in the background for notifications, alarms, etc. If any of them is essential for you, keep the total on. Otherwise, turn off the background access of those apps using the tool.

#6. Change power and sleep settings to improve battery life

One of the easy ways to increase the laptop’s battery life is to reduce displays and sleep timeouts. Changing the ‘Power and Sleep’ setting is necessary, so let’s know how?

First, go to the settings and click that you will see the system. On the right side, now you can use a drop-down menu to mention display timeouts and sleep timeouts to enhance the battery’s life.

Note: Choosing minimal points (e.g., 1 or 2 minutes) can lead to changes in the work, so select 5 to 10 minutes that will provide electricity saving and the best balance between the user.

An advanced user can also scroll below that page and Cock on ‘Additional Power Settings.’ This will try to shape you even more options.

#7. Close the UI Animations and Shadows

Another way to increase your laptop’s battery life is to close UI Animations and Shadow. So let’s know how?

First, open the Run box by pressing the Windows Key + R together on the laptop. After this, type ‘Sysdm. cpl’ (without quotes) in it and press the enter button.

On opening the property of the system, select the ‘Advanced’ Tab ‘and then click on the seating button under the’ Performance ‘section.

Now ‘Visual Effects’ should choose the option ‘Adjust for Best Performance.’ Now apply and do OK.

Note: This setting reduces the aesthetic appeal by closing all animation, shadow, and cool transmission. If you do not have to make some changes, you can put the default setting on ‘Let Windows Choose What’s Best “.

#8.Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to improve battery life

WIFI or Bluetooth consumes a large battery, as they always require hardware parts to walk. So when you listen to the song by connecting the handset to Bluetooth in your laptop, do not forget to close Bluetooth when you disconnect the handset.

Whenever possible, you can switch to the wired Ethernet and simultaneously input devices used as a mouse. This can help you a lot in preventing electricity consumption and increasing the battery’s life.

#9. Close Startup Apps

It would help if you also stopped startup apps from growing your Windows 10 laptop Lee Life. So let’s know how?

Open the taskbar in Windows of your laptop (press Ctrl + Shift + ESC together) and click startup then you can close every apps and service that you feel that they need to be needed during the startup You don’t have to do so, click on the Listed App and click on the ‘Disable’ button to the right.

Note: You must know what you are doing. Because there are some such apps or facilities whose closure is closed to stop the audio, network connectivity, and essential facilities.

#10. CPU Close the Core

All modern laptops come with multi-core processors. You can close some CPU cores to save electricity and improve battery life. So let’s know how?

First, open the ‘Run’ box (Windows Key + R). Type in it without “MSconfig” and press enter. System Configuration Settings will open as soon as your enter is pressed.

Go to the “boot” tab in System Configuration and click ‘Advanced Options.’

Note: If you use multi-OS, manually select the correct OS.

In the Advanced Boot option, check the box on the side of ‘Number of Processors.’ Select all the processors you want to turn on using the following drop-down menu. After this, press OK and restart the laptop.

Note: It will only close the processor core when your laptop is inactive.

#11. Check the Power Configuration

You can see the information about apps and procedures that consume more power in your laptop using Windows Command Prompt. So let’s know how?

First, open Windows Command Prompt in Admin Mode. To do this, search by writing ‘CMD’ in the Windows search box and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

Type and enter “Powercfg /Energy” in Command Prompt. Now your laptop will monitor your use for 60 seconds to prepare mistakes, warnings, and another information list. The report will be stored in HTML format, and in the end, the location will be clearly stated. Open the file in your web browser, and look at technical data details and electricity use.

#12. Sync the data less frequently to improve battery life

To improve your laptop’s battery life, you should sync to email, calendar, and contacts less frequently. Converting the settings will vary from one email customer to another, but you can go to ‘Settings> Accounts> Email & App Accounts’ to start. After doing this, you can choose the account that you have to change the settings and choose ‘Manage> Change Mailbox Sync Settings.’ Finally, choose a long syncing time for ‘Download New Email.’

You can close Auto-Sync for most Microsoft apps and services. For this, go to Settings> Accounts.

Now click on ‘Sync Your Settings’ on the left side, and to ensure that no app and service automatically sink, turn off the toggle. You can sync data by yourself whenever you want.

#13.Prevent it from getting hot

Hit is the biggest enemy for any calculation device, containing laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It provokes thermal throttle, slowing down the laptop to reduce the operating temperature. If left accidentally, it can reduce your laptop or Laptop life. This is one of the main reasons for battery consumption and decreased battery life.

#14.Turn off the keyboard backlight

Some laptops come with keyboard backlighting, which quickly causes battery consumption. In such a way, your laptop contains a ‘function’ key that turns out and turns off the keyboard backlighting.

#15. Change your Battery

If even after adopting all the above methods, the laptop’s battery life does not increase, the final effort is to change your battery. Because the older the battery will be charged at a slow pace.

Symptoms of Laptop Battery Malfunction – Must read to know

The laptop is a costly device, making it more portable and its battery more critical. Due to being expensive, it is necessary to check the laptop from time to time because if any important components get spoiled, you may have to pay a lot to buy them.

Today, in this article, we will learn about the battery, an essential laptop component. When searching for a laptop battery on the Internet, I had common problems related to the laptop battery. When I searched them, I learned that this problem is not of anyone.

If you also have any doubt about the battery of your laptop, whether the battery of your laptop has deteriorated or not. So after this article falls, your doubt will be removed today. So let’s read the information related to the laptop’s battery and carry forward knowledge.

When should I change my laptop battery?

If your laptop suddenly stops without warning you, it means that your battery has deteriorated and needs to change it. But you will also have to look at how much charge the laptop battery is at that time because if there is charging 0 in your laptop, it will stop suddenly.

When should I change my laptop battery?

When such difficulties start coming in front of you, you should rely on battery calibration in such a situation. Battery calibration can tell you well about the status of your battery, and it can help you decide whether your battery is wrong or not.

How do I know that the laptop battery is damaged?

Is the laptop battery spoiled or not? It is easy for some people to know, as your laptop will not be turned on if your battery is spoiled. Right or wrong? If you are like me and spend most of your time plugging the laptop, you may not pay attention that the laptop battery is spoiled.

When the laptop is plugged in, your laptop runs with AC power and not a battery. In such a situation, your laptop will work till it is connected, even if your battery is bad.

In such a situation, if you disconnect your laptop, your battery ends, and without giving you any information, your battery gets spoiled. Make sure that your battery has deteriorated when this happens.

There is no way to fix the battery at this time. You can visit your laptop manufacturer’s site if your laptop is guaranteed, or you can buy a good battery for less money by going to Amazon.

What to do when the laptop battery goes bad?

If you have learned that your laptop’s battery is terrible, then first of all, check the guarantee card. What is the free response meant? If it is, then buy your free-response laptop battery online.

The price of the battery can be higher or low based on your laptop, although the battery comes between Rs. 1850 to Rs. 6550. When you buy the battery now, pay attention to whether the battery you are buying fits the model in your laptop.

Symptoms of Laptop Battery Malfunction

It is a bitter truth that laptops are not forever, and if we look at the battery, it is the most common area of the laptop which is first bad.

We have some warnings before the laptop battery goes wrong, so we can improve them before the battery becomes useless. So let’s consider some symptoms that come before us before the laptop battery is bad.

1). Windows warns you

In Laptop technology, some particular types of Laptop characteristics with development have been born, which give you information by correctly evaluating the battery’s capacity.

Some laptop battery symbols appear with a red x when the battery in your laptop is deficient. If this happens, information is received by popping up on your battery symbol and written in it that you should think about changing the battery.

2). Your Laptop gets heated quickly

If you are doing simple work on your laptop and it gets hot soon, it indicates that your battery is starting to deteriorate or may be harmful.

When this happens, its consequences can fall on the intestinal parts of your laptop. If the battery uses more power to run an application on your laptop, then the remaining application may have to face difficulties.

3). Sudden closure of Laptop

When the battery is terrible, your laptop suddenly stops. The sudden closure of the laptop means that the battery cannot generate the necessary power to run the laptop.

4).Unannounced electricity issues

Sometimes disturbances do not always indicate a battery problem, but it is essential to pay attention to how many laptops are shut down a day. If you charge your laptop once and after that, it shuts down within a few hours. If you try to recharge your laptop, but this problem does not go, then it means that there is some malfunction in your battery.

5). Slow charging problem in Laptop

Earnings cause many problems, but apart from these problems, they can also be a warning indication if your laptop slows down slowly. A correct, safe laptop battery is charged quickly and maintains power even after the disconnection. If your laptop is being charged at the turtle’s speed, then you assume that the age of your battery is over and you are bursting.

How to know how the Laptop Battery or Charger is bad

Chargers and batteries are essential in laptops. If your charger does not work well, you cannot charge the laptop well. The battery is also essential as it is a mobile device. If you see a signal of charging on the laptop, you can decide whether the charger is correct. If you have identified a bad battery, you can identify it by connecting the laptop or running the software.

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It’s not always easy to extend your laptop battery life, but with these 15 tips, you can ensure that your laptop will last longer. From closing unused programs to dimming the brightness of your screen and setting up power profiles, there are plenty of ways you can save energy while using less electricity. With these simple changes in mind, you’ll be able to get more out of your laptop battery and make sure it lasts for as long as possible each time it’s used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que.1 How long does the laptop battery last?

Ans. The laptop battery lasts for 2 to 4 years on average. The type of laptop’s battery life laptop, how often the laptop is handled, and how often you use it depends on it.

Que.2 How to know whether the laptop is being charged or not?

Ans. The switch of your laptop should be turned on, and looking at the right and left of your laptop, the light keeps turning on.

Que.3 Can you use the laptop when the battery deteriorates?

Ans. Laptops should not be used when the battery deteriorates; there is a risk of bursting the laptop.

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