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What To Expect: Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in India

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in India

It is a fact that owning your laptop makes your life so much easier, but you should take it seriously when replacing laptop keys. Most laptop owners often forget to be mindful of how they should properly use their laptops. They usually eat while surfing the net, and some people even drink coffee or eat junk food while chatting or playing online games.

Unaware of the potential damage it might do to their gadget, they will wake up one day with a broken keyboard. While virtually all laptop keys are similar, a few parts are different. But this problem is not without a solution though. All you need is to understand the part of the laptop keyboard & the ways you can find a replacement for the laptop keyboard.

You first need to know that most laptops have duplicate keys except for the space bar, enter, shift, delete, and shift keys. Some brands share the same design for laptop keys, while others are slightly modified. But the bottom line is that they have the same parts inside. The keys have hinges, retainer clips, and rubber cups, and these parts share the same functions and mechanisms. 

Here, we look at how to repair or replace a laptop keyboard and How Much Does Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost? when it malfunctions due to spillage of fluids on it when particles become stuck in it, or some keys fail to work.

Reasons That Laptop Keyboard Keys are Not Working

The falling water can, over time, obstruct the movement of a laptop key or cause its circuit to malfunction. It can also happen because of dirt and dust or the overuse of laptop keyboards. Clean the area underneath & around the key if it doesn’t work. If you are exploring why your laptop is not working, continue to read this article, and you will grab all your answers. There are some significant reasons why the laptop keys can have stopped working. But, you will be pleased that the problems related to the keyboard keys not working have their fix & solutions. Thus, you don’t need to force yourself to shut down your laptop for any questions.

1). Dirt & Dust

Sometimes, cleaning up the laptop keyboard can help you out. But, you have to do this gently by using a dry & clean cotton cloth.

Clean Laptop Keyboard

2). Bad Hardware Drivers

When your laptop’s keyboard stops working due to the hardware drivers, updating and reinstalling you can fix the problem. If you find this issue, it will be good news for you – the keyboard repair cost for all such issues is much less.

bad Hardware Driver

3). Wrong Regional Settings

Some keyboard characters do not work because the keyboard settings are already set to use the wrong language or region.

regional setting

4). Bad Connections

Sometimes, you will find that the laptop is opened & the keyboard reconnected. Thus, there is an option that your keyboard is defective & needs a replacement.

bad keyboard connection

The damaged keyboard would not function after the cleaning process. One or more keys can stop working correctly or the entire keyboard due to the wrong circuit board. It is vital to replace the keyboard if the circuit board is at fault. Do you have any idea about the cost of replacing a laptop keyboard? If No, then read continue with us. We will figure it out before the end of this article.

Know Your Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost-related Factors in 2022

The cost of replacing the laptop keyboard depends on ‘n’ several factors. First and foremost, you must find an exact model according to the laptop model. Then you have to understand which brand we want. There are several kinds of keyboards in the market standard, including illuminated & palm rest. 

You have to think about where you buy them. You can get the keyboard from supermarkets, online shops, or retail shops. When you go to purchase this product, you will see the differences in the price. After getting a suitable keyboard for the laptop, you have to think about where you change it.

You have more than two options when you can do it yourself & you can go to the IT service centers or get the best & professional keyboard repair service & the service fee is altering. Not but the least place has a countless impact on the price. You can see several states have different proposed expenditures, and all such factors are changing day by day. 

Supply & demand have a significant impact on the cost of replacing the laptop keyboard. However, you have to find an affordable laptop repair shop where you can change the defective laptop keyboard.

How can the laptop keyboard-related issues be handled? Are they done at your home?

Yes, of course. Nonetheless, there are several boundaries related to how far you can go with this at your home or without the help of any professional. Thus, if you are frustrated with solving the issue at home, what works best? Rebooting the system? The forced shutdown? Technically, rebooting your laptop does give the plan to restore or offer a fresh start. There can be several reasons for the issue.

But also, the forced shutdown might result in another sort of annoyance. If you have any unsaved work, a forced shutdown can extinguish or vanish the current unsafe work in your laptop. But, before undertaking it, we should know the exact reason behind not working on the keys. There can be several reasons because of why they are behaving like this.

Thus, the question of the hour is – how much does it cost to repair the laptop keyboard? Yeah, laptop owners are searching online frequently about how much it costs to repair the keyboard on the laptop. And why are they exploring this? Here’s the answer!

Laptop keyboard repair cost depends upon the degree of complexity of the problem. Deeper the issue, laptop keyboard repair cost in India goes up. If the issue is related to the complete keyboard replacement, then the entire laptop keyboard repair cost gets added with your new laptop keyboard.

Now, got it? Let’s move ahead and talk about the deeper issues with how much it costs to repair a laptop keyboard.

Laptop keyboards are intended to endure the normal typing pressure & that too for a long time. Nowadays, laptop keyboards are doing a fine job, but at times they get damaged due to demanding typing speed & abnormal typing pressure from several users. The result? The keyboard gets broken. At times the whole laptop keyboard stop working & some particular keys pop out from the mechanical joints. 

So, laptop keyboard repair cost in India is significant anxiety for laptop users. Coming to the most general laptop brand, that’s Dell, its users are also worried about the Dell laptop keyboard replacement cost. Discussing these issues of laptop keyboard repair costs in India and every available laptop brand will be better.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in India

And some similar questions are floating online. How much does it cost to repair a laptop keyboard in India? Why do users search the web for this? As money matters. The same question goes ahead – what does the Dell laptop keyboard replacement cost? How Much Does Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost? And, what does the HP laptop keyboard repair cost? You must remember that Dell & HP are India’s two most popular laptop brands.

What if my Laptop Keyboard is Broken?

Yes, we assure you can replace the broken laptop keyboard with the new one. You can replace the entire keyboard by contacting our laptop service centers in Mumbai to purchase directly from us. The laptop keyboard comes in two variants 1). Backlit & 2). Non-Backlit. Moreover, it varies laptop model-wise. If your laptop keyboard keys are difficult to press, then you can find our laptop keyboard cleaning service available at your doorstep. 

Sometimes, Laptop keys are not pressed due to dust underneath; hence regular serving of the laptop is recommended. Standard Laptop keyboard clean-up service keeps your laptop health up to date.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in Mumbai

Facing an issue with a Dell laptop keyboard? Here’s the Dell support for the keyboard-related issues – Laptop Service Centers Mumbai. We found out that Dell laptop owners are also searching about all such questions, including –

  • Que.1 Why my Dell laptop keyboard is not working correctly?
  • Que.2 How do you reset the Dell laptop keyboard?
  • Que.3 Why is my Dell laptop keyboard malfunctioning?
  • Que.4 How do I fix unfeeling keyboard keys?

So, the answers to all the above questions might not be exact, but all issues’ solutions lie within the set of areas. Specifically, connection, hardware, manufacturing, & keyboard driver. Some of these are DIY (do it yourself) types of problems & some require the skill of an excellent laptop repair center like Laptop Service Centers Mumbai. But, the primary question of this article is a bit skewed as it sticks with the laptop keyboard repair cost in India. And we will also adhere to the central theme of this post.

Thus, how much does it cost to repair a laptop keyboard when the Dell laptop is under the scanner? Then, how often do Dell laptop keyboards get substituted due to faulty keyboard situations? As we all know, Dell is a widely used laptop brand all across India & most IT people like Dell for its robust design that includes the laptop keyboard.

Dell Laptop Keyboard also breaks down. There are primary reasons – manufacturing defect age and type of usage. Moreover, the question is precisely how much does it cost to repair a laptop keyboard come when your Dell laptop’s keyboard is unruly or broken. At our Laptop Service Center Mumbai, we finally fixed dell laptop keyboard-related glitches, & our dell laptop keyboard replacement cost is between Rs 1250/- to Rs 3250/-.

HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in Mumbai

Let’s talk about HP Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost in Mumbai; the story is the same as the Dell laptop keyboard replacement cost in Mumbai. It will ultimately depend on the depth & the intricacy of the laptop keyboard issue. It can be a simple laptop keyboard driver issue that can be dealt with in the Spartan way. Further, the laptop’s keyboard issue might be related to some hardware glitches & connection issues. 

Now, the point is HP laptop keyboard repair cost in Mumbai falls in the same line as the other laptop keyboard repair cost in India. Precisely, HP also builds powerful laptops with several types of keyboards. At the same time, most of them work fine with regular typing jobs and also last long if used correctly.

But at any point in time, the laptop keyboard might get broken. Particular keys might pop up from their places due to over-employment of all such keys, or the accidental typing pressure might cause the issue. Then, you start searching about Mumbai’s HP laptop keyboard repair costs, which is a simple coupling of reason & result. 

Appreciatively, we at HP Laptop Repair Centers Mumbai are here to answer those calls & we do it increasingly. We reach our customers’ doorstep to collect your laptop if you don’t have any time to bring your computer to our laptop repair center in Mumbai.

Acer Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in Mumbai

When the Keyboard Key becomes loose & falls out on its own, the cause is most likely due to the worn-out hinge clip or clips on the back of the key cap simply giving out. The reality is manufacturers want you to buy a new laptop every couple of years, so the components they use are not what they used to be, but in self-protecting that, the price of laptops has come down intensely. 

Acer Laptop Keyboard Replacement Costs in Mumbai offered by Acer Laptop Service Center in Mumbai range between Rs.1300 – Rs.1800 for external fitting types. Typically there are several models available under the Acer brand. Acer Laptop Keyboard Replacement Costs in Mumbai are between Rs.1500 – Rs.2200. For Lenovo, an internal keyboard costs you between Rs.2800 – Rs.3200 for a keyboard with installation support.

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost in Mumbai

The ‘n’ number of options we get while venturing out to purchase a laptop is astonishing. We have become so reliant on our gadgets, such as laptops & phones, that we cannot even think about going a day without them. Lenovo is the laptop brand that has created a niche in the industry for reliable & trustworthy devices.

Lenovo is consistently topping the charts in terms of innovation. To maintain this utility balance, we must keep our devices properly. But despite good maintenance, some problems may arise over time. Please continue reading; we will discuss the repair costs of the Lenovo Laptop keyboard in Mumbai.

While typing something on your laptop, the keys are not working or mistyping. Check whether the issue is due to a faulty keyboard or a problem with keyboard drivers. If you want to do keyboard replacement by a professional service center like Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Mumbai, you have to pay a reliable amount for the service charge. Our cost to replace a laptop keyboard is around Rs 1650-Rs 2200. 

Asus Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost in Mumbai

Is the keyboard on your Asus laptop damaged or broken? The problem can be caused by hardware or software, & determining the exact cause of failure can take a long time. When the whole portion or entire keyboard stops working, things can get meaningfully worse. Consider the inconvenience you are experiencing.

Some laptop keyboard and trackpad problems are upfront, and you can take care of those by yourself. However, some problems are hardware-related, and you might require the assistance of a professional service expert.

You can go to the authorized Asus service center and get a free laptop repair if your warranty period is not over yet. You can check the Asus warranty to see if your warranty period is still intact. Depending on the Asus laptop model, the cost of the laptop keyboard replacement might vary at our Asus Laptop Service Center in Mumbai, i.e., INR 1550 – INR 2350. 

So, it is best to get in touch with our customer support team through live chat or call us at +91-9761101996. Once our team knows your requirements, they will offer you the best price for an Asus laptop keyboard replacement.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Laptop Keyboards of all other Brands?

Today, metrics connected to laptop keyboard repair costs are a big concern for several laptop owners. As we all know that today owning a laptop is the bottom-line requirement for ordinary individuals & the laptop keyboard is a primary input device for all laptops. Perhaps the most used part of the laptop is its keyboard.

Then, likewise, the laptop keyboard gets broken or partly destroyed pretty effortlessly. As a result, most laptop owners search online regarding laptop keyboard repair costs. We at the Laptop Service Center in Mumbai solve all the laptop keyboards & our laptop keyboard repair cost starts at a mere INR 250/-.

What is the Laptop Internal Keyboard Replacement Cost in Mumbai?

Laptop Brand NameReplacement Cost
Dell Laptop Internal Keyboard Replacement Cost in MumbaiRs. 1350 – Rs. 2550
HP Laptop Internal Keyboard Replacement Cost in MumbaiRs. 1650 – Rs. 2850
Lenovo Laptop Internal Keyboard Replacement Cost in MumbaiRs. 1550 – Rs. 2950
Asus Laptop Internal Keyboard Replacement Cost in MumbaiRs. 1450 – Rs. 2650
Acer Laptop Internal Keyboard Replacement Cost in MumbaiRs. 1350 – Rs. 2850

The price of all such devices changes with the supply-demand ratio, & the other factor is the laptop model.



Our experts believe in bringing the client’s laptop back to life. With our exceptional service & genuine spare parts, we have always considered clients’ first choice, & one thing we can promise is that we offer the best Laptop keyboard replacement service in Mumbai. We have technical engineers and & who have been expertized, trained, & schooled to repair all kinds of laptop keyboards. They have several years of experience in this field & will take great care of your laptops.

I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to post your questions or comments about replacing a laptop keyboard. Keep in touch to learn more about computers, laptops, and gadgets.

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