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Easy Guide: How to Protect Your Laptop from Virus

How to Protect Your Laptop from Virus

How can you protect your laptop from viruses? Today, we also use many websites while using the Internet and download files by clicking on many links. In such a situation, we do not know which link is right for us or which one may contain a virus, so we should be aware of how to protect our laptops from viruses.


Today’s article will give you information about How to Protect Your Laptop From viruses? What is a laptop virus, and how does a virus comes into the laptop? You should read this article till the end.

What is Laptop Virus?

Laptop Virus is like laptop software; whenever we use a pen drive, hard drive, and Internet on a laptop, these viruses automatically reach from one laptop to another. Once a virus reaches your laptop or computer, it can delete all your important files as well as the data of your laptop can also be stolen. Due to a laptop virus, information about what you do on which website on your laptop or mobile phone gets leaked.

Types of Laptop Virus

At present, there are many types of laptop viruses, which are described below as follows.

• Email Virus: – Today, people use email to share all their information, but do you know that email is also a virus spreader? Many times you get mail on your email from an unknown email id, and there is an attachment file with it; when you click on it, a virus comes into your laptop or laptop; we call this type of virus an email Virus.

• Tarzan Horses: – When you open a website on your laptop or laptop, you will see many ads, which is an advertisement for a company. When you click on that advertisement, you will get about its product. Information is available, but at the same time, you also click on some such virus link so that your laptop and laptop get infected. We know this virus by the name of Tarzan horses. This virus also transmits the information of your laptop to laptop hackers.

• Resident Virus: – Resident Virus is also a memory-resident virus. This virus is hidden in the RAM of our laptop; when we turn on our laptop or laptop, then our operating system is started, which is our Hardware in which RAM comes; as soon as it comes in contact, the virus comes out of RAM and starts corrupting all the files of our operating system.

• Web scripting virus: – Currently, most virus comes on a laptop only through a web browser, which breaks the security of the web browser. It changes the web browser’s settings using its programming code, and our laptop is virus infected. We call such a virus a web scripting virus.

• Polymorphic Virus: – When a virus attacks our laptop directly, it changes the file and setting of our laptop according to itself and corrupts our file. We cannot easily remove it with Antivirus or anti-malware because such Viruses change our encryption key every time, and we know these viruses as polymorphic viruses, so we cannot detect this virus easily.

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How does the Virus spread in your Laptop

Viruses spread in laptops for many reasons; here are some main reasons.

1. Internet: – Almost all of us use the Internet; whenever we download a movie or song from the Internet on our laptop or laptop, the same virus comes on our laptop or mobile.

2. Email: – When a file attachment comes on your email id from an unknown email id, and you click it, the virus comes into your laptop or laptop.

3. Virus-affected pen drive: – If your laptop or laptop has a virus and you are using a pen drive and using the same pen drive in a laptop or laptop where there is no virus, then that laptop is through a pen drive, or even the virus reaches the laptop.

How to Protect Your Laptop from Virus

To protect your laptop from viruses, you can adopt some methods given below.

• Use Antivirus:- If you want to protect your laptop from viruses, then you should use the Antivirus of a good company. If you are using windows10, you will not need to install Antivirus because it is already there. Is inbuilt.

• Do not click on any unknown website: – Whenever you use a website on the Internet, do not click on the link that is unknown to it, and avoid clicking on the unknown link that comes on WhatsApp.

• Do not click on the unknown link in the email: – Today, you often get a link on your email id with an attachment file from an unknown email id; never download it to your laptop or laptop. This will protect your laptop from the virus. Will be infected. Always scan the attachment file in your email; do not open it without scanning it.

• Keep Laptop Software Updated: – You keep updating the software of your laptop from time to time. Every laptop operating system is constantly updated. These updates also have security that protects our laptops from hackers.

• Always create a strong password: – To keep the data of our laptop secure, it is most important that whenever you create a password, make it very strong because if hackers find your password, they can steal your data and steal your bank details Maybe.

• Keep a backup of the laptop: – Many times, many such viruses also come in the laptop which you cannot remove, so you should always keep the backup of the files present on the laptop with you, so if your file gets corrupted, then you will have a backup. You can get it back.

• Install Ad Blocker:-  Online popups take us to websites full of viruses, so you should install Ad Blocker on your laptop.

• Scan and open the pen drive: – Whenever you use a pen drive on your laptop, scan your pen drive with Antivirus, then open it by putting it in the laptop.

• Scan and open the pen drive: – Whenever you use a pen drive on your laptop, scan your pen drive with Antivirus, then open it by putting it in the laptop.

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Now, if you have come here, you can understand what Laptop Virus is; you must have complete information about How to Protect Your Laptop From viruses? If you want to know more about this, you can tell us in the comment section below, and also, do not forget to share this information with your friends so that your friend will know how to protect your laptop from viruses.


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