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How to Conduct a Microsoft Surface Warranty Check in India

Microsoft Surface Warranty Check in India

Are you a proud owner of a Microsoft Surface device? Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or hybrid model, you know how important it is to protect your investment. That’s why checking the warranty status of your Surface can give you peace of mind and save you from unexpected repair costs. But where do you start? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process on How to Conduct a Microsoft Surface Warranty Check in India. From finding your device serial number to verifying coverage and getting support, we’ve got you covered! So let’s dive into the world of warranties and ensure that your Microsoft Surface remains in top-notch condition for years!

Introduction to Microsoft Surface Warranties

If you’re the proud owner of a Microsoft Surface device, congratulations! You’ve made a great choice. But like any technology, your Surface will eventually need some TLC. That’s where Microsoft Surface warranties come in.

Microsoft offers two types of warranties for Surface devices: the standard warranty and the extended warranty. The standard warranty is free and covers hardware defects for one year from purchase. The extended warranty, called Microsoft Complete, costs an additional $99 and covers accidental damage, hardware defects, and software support for two years from the date of purchase.

What is Covered and Not Covered by a Microsoft Surface Warranty?

Microsoft Surface devices come with a one-year limited hardware warranty. This warranty plan covers only hardware failure in the device  with charger & battery.

The warranty does not cover the following:

-Physical damage to the device, such as cracks in the screen or case

-Water damage

-Software issues, such as viruses or corrupt files

-Normal wear and tear

How to Conduct a Microsoft Surface Warranty Check in India

If you need help determining whether your Microsoft Surface is still under warranty, there’s a simple way to Conduct a Microsoft Surface Warranty Check in India. Head to the Microsoft Warranty Checker page and enter your device’s serial number. The serial number can be found on the back of your Surface or in the Settings app under Update & Security > Device Information.

Once you’ve entered your serial number, the Warranty Checker will tell you whether your Surface is still covered and, if so, how long it is. If a warranty doesn’t cover your device, you’ll see options for extended coverage through Microsoft Complete or accidental damage protection through Microsoft Protect.

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your Microsoft Surface Warranty:

Like most people, you don’t think about your warranty until something goes wrong with your device. But checking your Microsoft Surface warranty status is a good idea, even if everything works correctly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to conducting a Microsoft Surface warranty check:

1. Go to the Microsoft Warranty page.

2. Enter your Surface serial number in the box provided. Your serial number can be found on the back of your device or on the box it came in.

3. Click “Check Warranty.”

4. Your warranty status and expiration date are listed on the next page.

That’s all there is to it! Now you know everything there is to know about Microsoft Surface warranties. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team of experts at Microsoft Surface Support Center. We’re always happy to help!

Tips for Keeping Your Microsoft Surface Working Properly

If you want to keep your Microsoft Surface working correctly, there are a few things you can do-

First, make sure that you keep your Surface clean. Wipe it down with a soft cloth after every use to remove any dirt, dust, or fingerprints.

Second, avoid dropping your Surface or subjecting it to other physical damage. If you accidentally drop it, bring it to a professional immediately to have them check for any damage.

Third, keep your Surface updated with the latest software updates from Microsoft. This will help ensure that all of the features on your Surface are working correctly and that any security vulnerabilities are patched.

Fourth, if you run into any issues with your Surface, don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft support for help. They can troubleshoot any problems you’re having and help get your Surface back up and running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your Microsoft Surface

If you’re experiencing problems with your Microsoft Surface, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check to see if your Surface is still under warranty. If it is, you can contact Microsoft support for assistance.

If your Surface is no longer under warranty, you can still try a few things before purchasing a new one. First, try resetting your Surface by holding the power button for 30 seconds. If that doesn’t work, you can try a hard reset by pressing and holding the volume up button, then press and release the power button.

If something other than those options work, your next best bet is to take it to a private Microsoft Surface Service Center and have them look at it. They can diagnose the problem and offer a solution.


Checking the warranty status of your Microsoft Surface is an essential part of maintaining and protecting your device. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to conduct a Microsoft Surface warranty check quickly and easily, allowing you to ensure that your device is fully covered in case something unexpected happens. Taking these steps can save you time, money, and stress in the long run, so take advantage of them today!

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