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How to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Problem?

How to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Problem

Certain Dell users have reported issues with their touchpads. Many affected users report losing access to the Touchpad, even after operating for a lengthy period. Some users have reported experiencing this issue following a Windows update; others report no reason to suspect it.

In addition, many users say that the dell touchpad works fine even when connecting to an external mouse. If you’re experiencing the same situation, the following solutions can assist you in restoring the function of your Touchpad on the Dell Laptop. Below, you will find a selection of solutions that others have successfully solved this specific problem. Make sure to follow each answer sequentially until you have back your touchscreen. Let’s begin.

Turn on the Touchpad by pressing the Function key

The most frequent reason the dell Touchpad is not functioning is that the user accidentally disables the touchpad function. Most dell laptops have the function key for the touchpad that is integrated into those F keys. The most popular location can be found located on the F3 key. To activate the Touchpad in your Dell Laptop, press the button that looks like a Touchpad and check if you can regain Touch Pad function. Specific models require the Function button to be pressed when pressing the Touchpad button.

Turn on the Touchpad by pressing the Function key​

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How to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Problem

If you’re having Dell Laptop Touchpad not working Problem, don’t worry! There are a few things you can try to fix the issue. First, check to make sure the touchpad is turned on. Next, try restarting your computer. If that doesn’t work, try updating your drivers. Finally, if all else fails, you can always contact Dell customer support for help.

Test the Touchpad within BIOS

A) Restart your system. After it appears that the Dell logo shows up, press your F2 button repeatedly.

B) Once in BIOS, Move the pointer or press those buttons to test the Touchpad.

C) If the Touchpad isn’t responding within the BIOS, an alternative solution is to replace the Touchpad.

When the trackpad (Touchpad) responds, you can continue to the next step.

Screenshot 6

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Ensure that the Touchpad is on your Dell Laptop

A) Go to Settings > Start > Touchpad, then turn the ‘Touchpad’ switch on. The switch is blue when it’s on.

B) If your Touchpad is already turned ON, Switch it off, then switch it on again.

C) Check that you check the box beside ‘Leave the touchpad on’ while the mouse connects.

Ensure that the Touchpad is on your Dell Laptop

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Updating Your Dell Laptop Drivers and BIOS

a) If you have not installed SupportAssist, please install it using the link:

b) After installation, open SupportAssist, then navigate to Drivers and Downloads, and then select Run Now

C) After the BIOS and drivers are changed, reboot the system and check to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Updating Your Dell Laptop Drivers and BIOS

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Update Touchpad Drivers (Manually)

Another reason for malfunctioning touchpads is the corrupt or outdated driver software. Drivers are software or computer programs that help a piece of hardware communicate to the OS. Hardware manufacturers release updated and new drivers to keep up with OS updates. It is crucial to keep your drivers updated with the most recent version to maximize the performance of your hardware and avoid any problems.

You can decide to manually update your touchpad drivers using the device manager or use the advantage of third-party software to update all of your drivers simultaneously. The latter option is explained in this way.

1). Start by opening the device Manager. There are many ways to accomplish this, and we’ve listed the most common below. Choose the one that feels most comfortable.

a). Press the Windows button + R to start the command run. In the Run command textbox, you can type “devmgmt. msc” and click on OK.

devmgmt. msc

b). Click the ‘Windows start button’ search for ‘Device Manager’ and then press Enter when the results of a search return.

device manager

c). Open Control Panel using the steps outlined in the previous procedure and click the Device Manager.

control panel

d). Click Windows keys + X or right-click the Start button and choose the Device Manager.

2). Then, in the Device Manager window, expand Mice and other pointing devices by clicking the arrow beside it or double-clicking the label.


3). Right-click on the Dell Touchpad and then select properties.

Dell Touchpad Properties

4). Go into your Driver Tab from the Dell Touchpad Properties window and Click the Uninstall driver button to uninstall corrupted or out-of-date driver software.

Driver Tab

5). Then, click then the ‘Update Driver’ button.

Update Manual Driver

6). In the next window, select automatically search for the most recent drivers.

automatically update driver

You can also download the latest and most up-to-date driver manually for your Dell Touchpad from Dell’s website. To download drivers for your Touchpad manually:

1). Use your preferred browser and look for “Dell Inspiron 3542 Driver Download”. Make sure to update that laptop’s model with the laptop model

Dell Inspiron 3542 Driver Download

2). Click the first link to access the official dell download page for drivers.

Dell Official Driver Download

3). Enter Touchpad into the box beneath Keyword. Click to open the drop-down menu beneath the Operating System label and choose your OS or system architecture. Then, click Click on Download.

Dell Inpiron 3542 Touchpad Driver

4).Once you have downloaded the file, you can extract the file with your integrated Windows Extracting Tool or Windows Rar or 7-zip. Follow steps 1 to 6 of the earlier procedure and now choose the option to browse my computer to download driver programs.

Screenshot 12

Click the Browse button and browse for the folder you downloaded. Click next and follow the instructions on the screen to install the most recent driver for the Touchpad. You can also install the drivers by pressing the “.exe” file and following the prompts on the screen.

Conclusion- Know When to Call a Professional

If you continue to have problems with your dell Touchpad, bring your laptop to a Dell Laptop Service Center, where they’ll conduct thorough a examination of the Touchpad. It could be due to physical damage to the Touchpad that requires repair of the damaged. The methods mentioned above can assist you in resolving the issues with your software causing the Dell touchpad not to work.

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